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In the words of developer and educator Marek Zaluski, “Programming languages are created by programmers, for programmers.” There are various programming languages, distinct on several characteristics from one another.

Some of these languages are relatively easier to learn whereas some are quite hard.If you wish to be a successful developer, mastery of programming language is a must. Let us check the top five programming languages that are easiest to learn.


HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is used for coding most web pages. HTML uses elements and tags to designate how images, text and interactive forms are displayed. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets often support HTML to define advanced styles. HTML offers simple structure with opening and closing tags readable by humans. One can hunt and fix bugs with ease. It’s ideal for fresh coders.


JavaScript along with CSS and HTML creates the internet. With libraries such as React and jQuery and Angular or such frameworks can help you solve several complex problems of the web. It is ideal for beginners as well as non-programmers. JavaScript is widespread and has a huge community.


It is a general-purpose, high-level programming language and the language of choice for data scientists, web developers, embedded application developers and AI professionals. It is readable and considered less intimidating. Python also has a huge community to help you out.


Most programmers learn this general-purpose language before learning more complex ones. Several of the mostly used applications are created on C. Offers a simple syntax and easily understandable data structures.


This is an object-oriented, class-based general-purpose programming language. Java is very popular among security applications and back end developers. Java is a structured language with an intuitive, beginner-friendly syntax. Java leaves little chances of deviation and very easy to learn object-oriented programming language.

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